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Nagy Beata R.D. (Registered Dietitian)

Licensed Dietitian, Mastrers Degree in Clinical Nutrition

Member at ProNutrition Association and BioNutrition Association.

Making meal plans, providing recepies and usefull information, consulting and evaluating thepacient.

Providing science-based dietary guidance is critical to enhance the public’s ability to make healthy choices in the effort to reduce obesity and other food related diseases. Since dietary needs change throughout the lifespan, specialized nutrition information is provided about infants, children, teens, adult women and men, and seniors.

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https://facebook.com – Bea Nagy Dietitian and Nutritionist


pozaDudasSzabolcs (Personal Trainer)

I will help your to change your habits and to live a healthier life.

I’m working as a personal and aerobic trainer in a gym and I study physical education at the university.

I am eating clean and training very hard for 3 years, I feel healthier and full of energy since I live this lifestyle. I think that to change your life and your body it’s not enough 70% die and 30%, YOU need to do both of them 100%. I can’t imagine my life without training and cooking, this thing is one of my mostimportant activities every day.

I like to train intense and not too much time,I’m working with little weights and I focus mostly to isolate the muscle and to work correctly in every exercise.


2013 Fit parade:Junior Bodybuilding:  2. Place / Fit Modell: 4. Place
2014 Nationals:Mens physique: 3. Place
2014 Fit balanceInternational:Mens physique: 2. Place
2014 Hercules Trophy:Mensphysique:1. Place and absolute champion
2014 Fit parade: Mensphysique: 3. Place
2014 Federation Cup: Mens physique 3. Place
2014 Steel Man Cup:Mens physique 1. Place