Terms and Conditions

Please, read carefully these terms and conditions of Camp Shape, organized by tour operator travel agency SC Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L.; it is the responsibility of the recipient to inform all other traveling parties on the contents of these terms and conditions.

Camp Shape, weight loss camp is organized by S.C. Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L., with registered office in TarguMures, 10 Constantin Romanu- Vivu Street, apt. 13, registered in Trade Registry Bucharest under no. J26/561/2014, Sole Registration Code 33272400, holder of Tourism License no. 7194/08.07.2014 through Tourism Agency S.C. Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L. with registered office in TarguMures, 10 Constantin Romanu- Vivu Street., apt. 13, duly represented Team Transylvanian Dreams byMr. HochbauerMihaly,as Manager, here in after called the Agency.

The tourist is insured for reimbursement of repatriation and / or the amounts paid by him in case of insolvency or bankruptcy SC Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group SA, 51 Alexander Alley, Sector 1 Bucharest, phone +40+40 214057420, fax. +40+40 213114490, www.omniasig.ro (No.30440 / 25.06.2014-24.06.2015)

User http://www.campshape.com and www.transylvaniandreams.com is entitled to view the site on the computer screen, to print parts of the site content on paper and to save pages in electronic format only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Camp Shape and S.C. Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L. reserves the right to change and update at any time the content of this website, as well the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for use, without any prior notice. Therefore, please periodically visit this section in order to check the Terms and Conditions you agreed to observe.

  1. Confidentiality of data: According to Law no. 677/2001 for protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and completed, and according to Law. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and protection of private life in the electronic communication sector, regarding this site, the personal data you provide about yourself or about another person are managed safely and only for purposes specified by Camp Shape and SC Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L. The purpose of data collection is: provision of goods and services.
  2. Price of packages includes the cost for the effective travel services and agency commission.
  3. a) Payment of touristic services or packages offered by Camp Shape and S.C. Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L. shall be paid through PayPal or master Card or Visa Card. Account Owner: Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency, Account number: RO98RNCB019314171514001.
  4. b) No other ways of payment are accepted besides those stated on the Site and we assume no responsibility for cash sent by courier.

III.Booking a touristic service or package:

  1. a) After choosing the desired package, Tourist must submit an application with personal data, necessary information and eventually some questions about the package.
  2. b) In the shortest possible time, the travel agent will review the application and will contact the Tourist.
  3. c) When submitting the application for registration, Tourist does not have to pay for the touristic package.
  4. d) After upper signing and confirmation by the travel agent, Tourist must wait maximum two months to have the minimum number of persons required to validate the package or, where the minimum number of persons is not met, the price of package may be recalculated in order to answer the request.
  5. e) After the touristic package has the minimum number of people, Tourist will be contacted for final booking and for payment in full.
  6. f) Tourist will receive the following documents: confirmation of reservation, payment confirmation, package contract, itinerary and travel ticket.
  7. Withdrawals, Penalties, Damages
  8. If the Tourist, due to his fault, drops out the touristic service package which is subject of this agreement, he owes penalties to Agency as follows:
  9. a) 50% of the package of services, if the waiver is made more than 30 calendar days before departure;
  10. b) 75% of the package of services, if the waiver is made between 16 and 30 days before departure;
  11. c) 100% of the package of services, if the waiver is made in a shorter period, respectively less than 16 days before departure or for failure to be present at the program.
  12. If an embassy refuses to grant visa for performance of service package, Tourist will be retained all fees paid by Agency to direct providers and its own operating expenses.
  13. If the Tourist who entered the state in which the touristic service package is carried out refuses to come back in Romania and the authorities in that country go to the expense of any nature with him, the respective Tourist is required to bear all such expenses.
  14. Penalties equivalent to contract price apply in the event Tourist does not arrive at the airport or departure location on time, if he can not travel because he has not got the right documents or if he is returned from the border by the border police.
  15. The Tourist must submit a written request for waiver of the touristic service package, with registration number from the Agency where he paid for services. Otherwise, the request for waiver is not taken into consideration.
  16. Agency will provide compensation depending on the degree of non-compliance of contract liabilities.
  17. Agency reserves the right to ban Tourist the development of program purchased under this contract, where by his actions Tourist proves inappropriate behavior and / or causes material or image injures for Agency. In this case, Tourist will not be reimbursed for services not performed and will be required to fully cover all damages he caused.
  18. Rights and Liabilities of Agency
  19. Agency is responsible for the proper performance of liabilities under the contract, except for the following cases:
  20. a) When the failure of or improper fulfillment of liabilities under the contract is due to the Tourist;
  21. b) When failure to fulfill liabilities is due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances which neither Agency nor service providers could foresee or avoid (schedule or itinerary alterations, delays of means of transport, etc.)
  22. Agency shall provide the Tourist, in writing, within 24 hours before departure, the following information:
  23. a) Schedules, stopovers and connections, and as appropriate, the place that will be occupied by Tourist in each means of transport included in the contract
  24. b) Name, registered office, address, telephone and fax numbers of the local representative of the organizer and / or retailer or, in its absence, an emergency telephone number that will allow him to contact the organizer and / or retailer
  25. c) For travels of minors unaccompanied by parents, information enabling parents to get a direct contact with their child or with a responsible person at the place of accommodation.
  26. Agency may amend the contract price, in terms of increase or decrease, as appropriate, only when the change occurs due to variations in transport costs, royalties and fees for services of landing, landing / boarding in ports and airports and tourist fees or foreign exchange rates related to the contracted travel package, accommodation, transfer etc.; the increase may be between 0.1 and up to a maximum of 10% of the initial contracting value, increase which does not grant Tourist the right to terminate this contract.
  27. In the event Agency is forced to modify one of the main provisions of the contract, it shall inform the Tourist in this respect, in compliance with Order 516/2005, with 15 days prior to departure. Information may be both in writing and through other means of communication: email, phone, fax, s.m.s, telegram. Prices set in the contract can not be increased during the 20 calendar days preceding the departure date.
  28. If after beginning the travel, an important part of touristic services stipulated in the contract is not provided or Agency finds that it will not be able to perform them, Agency is required:
  29. a) To provide appropriate alternative for the Tourist to continue the journey without price increase; respectively the offered touristic services shall be of the same quality and quantity.
  30. b) To return Tourist all amounts representing the difference between the paid touristic services and the actual services provided during the travel.
  31. c) If appropriate alternatives can not be provided to the Tourist or he does not accept them for good reasons, to ensure with no additional costs the tourist’s transportation to the departure location and, as appropriate, compensation for not provided services
  32. Rights and Liabilities of Tourist
  33. If Tourist is unable to participate in the travel, he can assign the contract to a third person who meets all conditions applicable to the contracted touristic service package, having to notify the Agency in writing at least five days before departure and only if there are no additional costs for change of name or as conditions for issuing the plane / train / bus ticket. In this case, Agency terminates the contract with the Tourist that assigns the contract and signs a new contract with the new tourist. For individual trips, in the event of plane transportation, the transfer can be made only if there is the possibility to transfer the plane / train / bus ticket without additional fees for change of name. The Tourist transferring his service package and the assignee are jointly liable to pay the trip price and any additional costs incurred due to this transfer.
  34. For stays of rest and / or treatment, the Tourist shall observe the schedule of service provision, namely: in the seaside resorts, accommodation is at 18:00 o’clock of the day of entry and ends at 10:00 o’clock of the day mentioned on the voucher or on the rest and / or treatment ticket; in the resorts in the country, other than the ones at the seaside, accommodation starts at 13:00 o’clock of the day of entry and ends no later than 12:00 o’clock of the day following the one printed on the ticket.
  35. In the event prices established in the contract are increased by more than 10%, Tourist may terminate the contract, having the right to reimbursement of the paid amounts by Agency.

4.1. Tourist is obliged to inform the Agency, within 5 days of receipt of the notice provided by chapter III, point 4, his decision to opt for:

  1. a) Termination of the contract without payment of penalties, or
  2. b) Acceptance of the new conditions of the contract.

4.2. In the event Agency cancels the trip before departure date, Tourist is entitled:

  1. a) To accept the same price for another travel package of equivalent or higher quality, proposed by Agency;
  2. b) To accept a travel package of inferior quality, proposed by Agency, with immediate refund of the price difference;
  3. c) To be paid back, within maximum 7 calendar days, all amounts paid under the contract, except the cost of cancellation insurance, which is non-refundable.
  4. Agency shall not owe any compensation to the Tourist, being exempted from guilt if:
    a) Cancellation was due to failure to achieve the minimum number of persons specified in article I of the contract, and Agency informed in writing the Tourist at least 15 days prior to the date of departure;
    b) Cancellation was due to an event of force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances, beyond the control of the party invoking them and whose consequences could not be avoided despite all efforts, not including here overbooking, as in this case the responsibility rests with the airline);
    c) Cancellation was due to the Tourist’s guilt.
  5. Tourist has the right to terminate the contract at any time, in whole or in part, and if the termination is attributable to him, he is obliged to compensate Agency for damages caused to it, except cases of force majeure as defined by the law. If Tourist requests: change of hotel, room structure or any of services, this is assimilated to contract termination, with application of statutory penalties at the time, and conclusion of a new contract.
  6. Tourist is obliged to pay at the hotel reception the resort tax, sanitation tax and other local taxes, without being able to claim compensation or refund of amounts from Agency.
  7. Tourist shall submit to Agency and to the hotel reception his identity papers and the issued travel document (voucher, rest and / or treatment ticket) for touristic services to be provided.
  8. Tourist is obliged to comply with the Conditions of Travel Program and Service Sale; they are integrant part of this contract.

VII. Complaints

1.In the event Tourist is not satisfied with the received services, he is required to prepare a written complaint, clearly and explicitly, on the deficiencies related to the contracted travel package, which shall be promptly sent both to Agency, and to the provider of travel services (hotel management, restaurant, etc.)

  1. Both the Agency and the travel service provider will immediately try to resolve the complaint. If the complaint is not settled or is partially settled, Tourist will submit to the Agency office a complaint in writing, within 2 calendar days after the end of the trip. Within 30 calendar days, Agency shall inform Tourist on potential compensation due to him.

VIII. Insurance

The tourist is insured for reimbursement of repatriation costs and / or the amounts paid by him in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of SC Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group SA, 51 Alexander Alley, Sector 1, Bucharest, phone 0214057420, fax. 0213114490, www.omniasig.ro . (Nr.30440 / 25.06.2014-24.06.2015)

  1. The contract documents are enclosed as annexes to it and they are the following:
  2. a) Voucher, rest-treatment ticket, trip ticket, as appropriate;
  3. b) Travel program, in the event of touristic activities, catalogs or brochures / other document.
  4. Final Provisions
  5. This contract was drawn up in 2 copies, one copy for each Party.
  6. Sale of travel service packages shall be made in accordance with provisions of this agreement and observing provisions of Government Ordinance no. 107/1999 on trading travel service packages, approved with amendments and completions through Law nr.631/2001, as amended.
  7. The contract may be presented as a catalog, brochure or document if Tourist is informed about it and if the document contains information required by art. 10 para. (2) of Government Ordinance no.107/1999, approved with amendments and completions through Law nr.631/2001, as amended, Order 516/2005.

You agree to comply with these obligations, including (without limitation):

– Financial responsibility for all transactions made on your behalf and in your name.

– You are over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to initiate legal action

– Ensure the accuracy of data provided about you or your family members.

– Non-usage of the Site for speculative reasons, or to generate false or fraudulent bookings.

– Prohibition to transmit political, pornographic, racist materials or other materials that infringe the law

– Obligation not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, display, license or reproduce the content of the Site, except for personal and noncommercial use of a single copy of the information contained in the Site.

  1. Camp Shape Rules:

-The participating person must respect the nutrition plans given by the dietitian, to insure maximal results, if the nutrition plans aren’t respected Camp Shape is not taking responsibility for week results or no results.

-The participating person must respect the training programs and given by the professional trainer to insure maximal results, if the training plans aren’t respected Camp Shape is not taking responsibility for week results or no results.

-The person must respect the daily schedule and participate on the trainings and activities.

-During the activities, trainings organized by Camp Shape (swimming, cycling, hiking, paintball and exercises) the person has to follow the organizers/trainers instructions to avoid any kind of injury or dangerous situations.

-Camp Shape is organized only by professional staff members, each citified and experienced in their domain to insure maximum safety.

-Consumer protection: +40 0800 080 999

S.C.Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency S.R.L. Team