You are thinking to loose some weight, but you don’t have enough motivation and time for it? You can´t quit eating unhealthy food? Maybe you are scared of the long and ineffective exercises that you tried before?
We can help you to overcome this problems only 2 weeks spent at Camp Shape, can help you to loose weight and get to know your body better and how to prepare your food in a healthy way . Beside all this you will have time to recreate, in the silence of the mountains, with no cars, buildings. Just you and the nature. In the weekends you will also go on trips with Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency and visit the  spectacular castles,  fortified churches and beautiful medieval towns.

Camp Shape offer you an unique experience, it concentrates on small groups and individuals, rather than big groups, this way the staff and trainers can really get to know the individuals, to make personalized diet and exercise programs.

After arrival to the camp the person will be weighed and measured and at the end of the program the same procedure is done.

Our training concept is based on… Nature out in the nature, surrounded of forrests, mountains and lots of fresh air.

The main training program will be done with the persons own body weight, aerobic, swimming, mountain biking and hiking.

Activities: Nutrition courses, Motivation courses, Weekend Getaway trips  Team building games and lots and lots of fun!!!
Our nutrition program is developed by professionals who has University degrees, personalized for every person, which mainly consist of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, salads, beef, chicken, turkey, water with lemon and a few secret ingredients.

A Day at Camp Shape!
Our Professional team works together to plan the perfect program for you, which will not overload you physically and also is created in the way to have fun and enjoy every moment spend here.

Camp Shapes daily program:



7:00 – Good Morning!

7:30 – Morning exercise and run

8:30 – Breakfast

9:30 – Aerobic / Yoga …

10:00 –Watch and learn (How to prepare a healthy meal, snack, how to improve in your living style)

10:30 – Preparing a snack, shake and having a short Brake.

11:00 – Work Out

12:30 – Sports (Ball Games…)

13:00 – Lunch and a well-deserved Brake

14:30 – Hiking / Biking / Swimming

17:00 – Short Brake, grab a Snack

17:30 – Team Building Games

19:00 – Dinner

After Dinner it’s your free time, when you can relax in the nature, or socialize with the other campers, talk with the family…